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Duke University 2016-2017 Animal Waste Management & Global Health team all smiles at the Bass Connections Poster Fair.

Duke University 2016-2017 Animal Waste Management & Global Health team all smiles at the Bass Connections Poster Fair.

Our team: animal waste management & Global Health

Our team is composed of undergraduate and graduate students who are overseen by faculty and staff project leaders.  With a variety of personal backgrounds and disciplinary expertise, based in departments and schools all over Duke, we came together for this project because of a shared interest in the future of the global food system.

Our mission at the start of this project was to identify policies and technologies to better ensure that our global meat supply can continue to meet demand in a healthy and sustainable manner. In order to address such a broad question, we began our research process with the development of a comprehensive research framework. We met weekly as a full group, and split into two smaller groups for additional weekly meetings.

Guided by the framework, we assessed the impacts that large-scale production creates as it strives to meet demand, what policy and technology tools are or could be implemented to address those impacts, and the roles that different players in the economy play in the process. We finished the fall semester with a final paper produced by the entire team that provides detailed findings of our research.

We progressed to a comparative analysis this spring by splitting into teams to explore characteristics of the meat production industry in Australia, Brazil, China, the Netherlands, and South Africa. Putting animal waste management specifically into a global context provided us with a more thorough understanding of the policy and technology options available. We compiled our research on this site, which serves as a resource for readers wishing to learn more.

Read our paper, "A Look at Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation in North Carolina."


The Duke university BASS connections Program

Duke University's Bass Connections program is a unique, university-wide initiative aimed at connecting students with research opportunities that cross disciplinary lines. Vertically-integrated teams of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates work together to research complex, real-world problems on themes such as Brain & Society, Global Health, Education and Human Development, and Energy.

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