What Can You Do As A Student?

Get involved in research

Improving the sustainability of the meat industry is a challenge that can be addressed by a wide variety of disciplines: engineering, medicine, public health, public policy, law, and environmental science. Public understanding of the environmental and public health costs of industrialized meat production is continuing to grow. Policymakers, advocates, and the meat industry are increasingly exploring innovative animal waste management technologies that mitigate the public health and environmental damage caused by CAFOs. As a result, this is a critical time for students to get involved with research in the field of animal waste management.  Take classes about food systems and agricultural policy to get involved in researching solutions!


Demand changes in your dining system

Students have a huge role to play in reforming university dining services. Student demand for responsibly-sourced meat in dining halls can result in major changes in the university dining system on a larger scale. Contact the director of procurement in your dining system and ask tough questions about where the meat comes from. Demand more vegetarian and vegan entrée options in the dining hall that can be considered a full meal with sources of protein as well as vegetables, fruits, and grains. Start a campaign for Meatless Mondays and encourage students to choose meals without meat one day a week.